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Made possible via the GRAIN Projects response to COVID-19 bursary...

‘HAPPINESS’ is an online project that explores individual happiness through a publicly sourced photo collection.

As the photos are removed off identity, and the meaning behind the selection is only known to the person submitting, we see an ambiguous, diverse, and often absurd set off images that share one thing - happiness.

Submissions via 'email@whatishappiness.co.uk'
or instagram DM at @happiness.whatisit

Showing a single photo, the website will randomise every time it is refreshed choosing from all the images that are currently part of the project. This randomising creates a diverse journey that will change and grow if you re-visit or continue to refresh the page. The photos in the collection are made up through a submission process that is open to everyone, where each and every image, with only the smallest of exceptions, is uploaded. People are invited to consider an image, or multiple images, that encapsulates their individual idea of what happiness is. Each submission is kept anonymous with no details shared via the project, allowing the freedom to interpret what happiness is to us personally, away from any social constraints.

Produced over the lockdown due to Covid-19, the project considers how happiness may have changed. Have we found more importance in the smaller things of life or do we have a better understanding of what happiness is because of what we were prevented from doing? The collection of photos may not explicitly explain these questions but it invites us to consider closer how we might see and understand what makes us happy.