A Field Guide to Happiness; Appropriated Edition 1.2

by Daniel Dale


123 pages


This is an appropriated piece from the original edition of  ‘A Field Guide to Happiness’. Presented as a hand bound guide, a copy from the original edition is cut to size and bound by red ring wire. Some pages have been removed and new yellow inserts are added to exntuate the chapters in the book. This is a minor design remimaginging of the artist and by the artist.


The colour photographs in A Field Guide to Happiness present an ongoing search for something we all agree exists but no one can prove - happiness. Presented as evidence of intentional and unintentional everyday actions that, both singularly and as a sum of their parts, evokes something close to a smile. Photographically the project follows motifs of colour, form, and serendipity within the ordinary, but also, plays with the idea of language, abstraction, and satire as a whole. Since we cannot know other peoples happiness definitively, the word becomes malleable and unknown, leading to the smallest, and the largest, as a cause for happiness. This fascination with the ‘ordinary’, surrounds us and unfolds into an offbeat and ostensive questioning that repeatedly asks, ‘Is this happiness?’

A Field Guide to Happiness ; Approriated Edition 1.2 (2020)
Daniel Dale